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How to make money buying coins at the U.S. Mint
by D. L. Crane

The United States Mint is a government company that produces special and unique coin sets for the collector including national medals, American eagle gold, silver, platinum coins and commemorative coins which mark certain events.

On April 2, 1792 when Congress passed The Coinage Act it created the U.S. Mint and authorized construction of a building in the nation's capitol which was Philadelphia at the time. The U.S. Mint building was the first federal building erected under the Constitution.

Buying coins directly from the United States mint instead of from coin dealers can save collectors a lot of money. You can do this by using the official website www.usmint.gov.

Most people speculate that Buying coins and gold from the US Mint will only make money for your grandchildren, but there are other certain ways and means to do so.

Here are some useful tips on how to make money from buying coins from the US Mint.

1) Invest in coins which are worth more money than the selling price. It is important you research the coins you bought and then re-sell them.

2) If you do not wish to sell your coins and have the time and financial means, you can open a museum and charge for viewing.

3) the most factor is the knowledge on the coins, the more information you know the better chance you have of selling and making money.

The U.S. Mint offers a variety of coins, starting from proof set, un-circular sets and special sets and coins with limited mintage.

Making money from the U.S. Mint is more of a tactic. In 2006 a Mint coin set was introduced commemorating the twentieth Silver eagle. This included a coin that could only be bought with the set. The original price was of a hundred dollars but by 2008 the sets price increased to four hundred dollars.

As you can see it is a matter of investment the earlier you buy the set, and the more unique it is, later on you can sell at a better price and make money.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before buying:

Is the set Unique

Can the coins in the set be bought separately for a lower cost

Is it worth paying more money for the extra trimmings I.e. the box, certificate and brochure.

Here are some examples of the coins the US Mint offer:

Proof Coin - A proof coin is a coin struck multiple times using a high quality minting process; these are usually collectibles and are sold by the mint for more than the face value.

Proof Sets - This is a set of coins minted annually from high polished metal on special dies; these are also usually issued for collectors.

Mint state Coin - The mint state coin is in a pristine condition. This will show no sign of handling, but can have processing defects. It is of up most importance that this coin is not touched by the human hand because the oil on our fingers can leave permanent marks.

Buying gold from the US mint is another way to invest to make money; you are certain that you will be buying real gold and not fake. Leaving you the opportunity to sell in the market, when the price of gold increases.

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